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VideoMost Server
HD video conferences in LAN

VoIP 2016 TOP 10
Unified 2015
Unified 2014
VoIP Leaders TOP 10

VideoMost is scalable software server that supports up to 1,000 concurrent video ports per 1 generic $2K PC server and enables up to 100 interactive video participants in a conference room.

VideoMost automatically and dynamically adjusts video quality to available network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session based on the capabilities of each endpoint device.

All participants of VideoMost-based video conference benefit from the full potential of their devices and IP channel bandwidth and get natural, face-to-face communication without broken images, delays and interruptions.

SIP/H.323 interop
100 people in a conference room
Collaboration tools and docs sharing
Any browser on РС/Mac, iOS/Android mobile apps
WebRTC support


  • Multipoint HD videoconferences
  • P2P calling
  • Presence
  • SIP/H.323 interoperability
  • WebRTC support
  • IM chat


  • Desktop sharing
  • App sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • File exchange
  • Pools and surveys
  • Logging


  • Conference moderation
  • Moderation of participants
  • Conference recording

Security and Flexibility

  • Confidentiality
  • Real-time adaptation to channel bandwidth and users’ endpoints
  • Scalability of VideoMost Server
  • Integration with CRM/ERP

VideoMost is also available as SDK with Mobile Clients

All-inclusive set of VVoIP media processing technologies, signaling protocols and collaboration tools enabling to embed group mobile video call into your app as a function.

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